Thursday, November 10, 2011

i'm 20

  Oktober 23 a go i'm just old. and i'm happy and exited to be a 20! but also the responsibility of a new my age (20) !!!

Story of KA-RI-MUN JA-WA

 Heeelloo! i 've been a long time i'm not post in i'm here again to posting my holiday first ( although is late)

 when I was in karimun not just about the sea, sun, and water but for me and him there is another story,,  i mean my 22 anniversay with him.he gave a surprise that is in the form of cake,its sweet for me because I can not imagine if he would give a cake or a surprise, and he asked for villa renters to make the cake anniversary for me. thankyouuuu... :* i love you more.

Giving him this bracelet :)

                I hope to vacation again.